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About Us


Our OAK community cultivates resilient, engaged, and self-determined scholars who demonstrate the integrity, hope, knowledge, and skills that support the pursuit of personal achievement, racial social justice, and wellness. Students will confidently master grade-level content and leave our school ready to take on the next steps in their academic journey and their future endeavors. They will know they matter and be empowered to maximize their potential to make changes in our school and world. They will be prepared to disrupt systems of oppression by honoring and celebrating our community’s cultures, histories, ancestries, experiences, abilities, and languages. Students, families, and staff will feel joy in knowing they belong to a community where everyone is loved, safe, seen, heard, and understood.


Oakland Academy of Knowledge is an inclusive community that welcomes and embraces the diversities of our staff, students, and families. 

  • At OAK everyone develops leadership, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. 
  • We learn from our experiences, both past and present, and reflect and take ownership for our future actions. 
  • Our curriculum is representative of who we are and supports real-world learning with a focus on both racial social justice and mastery of grade-level standards. 
  • Our school rituals and traditions elevate and honor learning, growth, and achievements, and celebrate our community’s cultures and identities.

Our Values

At OAK, we value the following Connected C’s:

CURIOSITY: Curious Inquiry

COMMUNITY:  Collaborative Community

COURAGE:  Courageous Justice

COMPASSION:  Compassionate Joy

CULTURE:  Cultural Wealth

Contact Us

8755 Fontaine Street
Oakland, CA 94605

Phone: (510) 879-5166
Fax: (510) 627-9166


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