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Community School Plan



OUSD Community School Implementation Plan 2024-2025

School Name:  Oakland Academy of Knowledge Site # 169 Date  
School Mission and Vision
Our community cultivates resilient, engaged, and self-determined scholars who demonstrate the integrity, hope, knowledge, and skills that support the pursuit of personal achievement, racial social justice, and wellness. Students will confidently master grade-level content and leave our school ready to take on the next steps in their academic journey and their future endeavors. They will know they matter and be empowered to maximize their potential to make changes in our school and world. They will be prepared to disrupt systems of oppression by honoring and celebrating our community’s cultures, histories, ancestries, experiences, abilities, and languages. Students, families, and staff will feel joy in knowing they belong to a community where everyone is loved, safe, seen, heard, and understood. 

We are an inclusive community that welcomes and embraces the diversities of our staff, students, and families. 
At our school we strive to develop leadership, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. 
We learn from our experiences, both past and present, and reflect and take ownership for our future actions. 
Our curriculum is representative of who we are and supports real-world learning with a focus on both racial social justice and mastery of grade-level standards. 
Our school rituals and traditions elevate and honor learning, growth, and achievements & celebrate our community’s cultures & identities.

Community School Implementation Team - members that contributed to this document (add additional names at the end of form as needed)

CBO PARTNER (include org name)
Leslye Salinas CSM
Karissa Cognata TSA
Jen DeMara TSA
Nikki Williams Principal
School Demographics 

Special Populations

% Male % Black/African American % Latino % Pacific Islander % White % Students with Disabilities % Unduplicated Pupil Percentage % English Learners
53.4% 44.4% 32.1% 1.4% 2.5% 17.0% 88.8% 21.3%

Student Population by Race/Ethnicity

% Female % Multiracial % Asian % Filipino % American Indian/ Alaskan Native % Foster Youth % Socioeconomically Disadvantaged % Newcomers
46.6% 7.2% 2.2% 1.1% 0.0% 1.1% 86.6% 4.3%
Priority 1: Deepening District-wide Collaborative Leadership Practices for Community School Teams Including All Stakeholders. Goal: Strengthen collaborative leadership practices with students, families, teachers, site staff, and community partners. 
Priority 2: Creating Joyful Schools. Goal: Expand support services to address impacts of poverty, the pandemic, and trauma on students’ well-being and learning – with a focus on creating racially just and restorative school climates.
Priority 3: Strengthening Student and Family Engagement. Goal: Strengthen school-family engagement to support student success, so that families are welcomed, safe, and healthy.
Priority 4: Increasing Opportunities for Academic Innovation and Acceleration. Goal: Expand and improve student supports and enrichment opportunities to close the equity gap, so that all students graduate college, career, and community ready.
PRIORITIES Describe whole school successes from 2023-24 Describe whole school challenges from 2023-2024 Deepest Underlying Cause 
What are some of the reasons why we have these challenges?
Collaborative Leadership Active SSC members outside of SSC meetings, consistent meetings of culture and climate teams that represented whole school, data informed decisions through student surveys and voice Wanting to engage more families to take part of SSC, show up to meetings We serve working families that do not have the same capacity to be involed in traditional ways such as SSC voting members, or PTO/A leads
Joyful Schools Spirit Weeks, Fun Fridays, School Wide Celebrations, Carnival, Ginger Bread Houses, Balancing between set curicular needs and creating joyful experiences for kids Hardship between every minute is accounted for and finding ways to fit in ways to celebrate growth and joy for kids
Student Engagement Student store, student jobs, 5 C awards, Girls on the Run, Student Council, Start of the year student circles, significant decrease of chronic absenteeism for Latino and Black Students, RJ revamp without an RJ facilitator full time consistency across usage of PBIS system, not having a clear RJ plan during first half of the year alignment and buy in from teachers is missing around our PBIS work, for some they highly belief in the system and for some their own system within the classroom is their go to
Family Engagement Wise Wednesdays, Latino Literacy Project, Start of the year family circles, interactive bulletin boards, 71% attendance to back to school night competing priorities for teachers in terms of engaging with families, planning, contractual hours, not reaching our most vulnerable families Our most vulnerable families are hard to reach and hard to ask for help, building relationships is taking time but we are able to see that the trajectory is moving positively with our number of teachers that looped and how those relationships grow as well. 
Academic Innovation & Acceleration Small group instruction, Supporting Tier 3 literacy pilot, math intervention via library time One teacher going out on leave prior to winter break disturb the consistency for kids, consolidations happening in october shifted classroom dynamics and small group sizes

Competing priorities for our leadership to support amongst change and shifts



PRIORITIES 2023-2024
Strategic Actions
What key strategic actions to support developing a community school were implemented in last year? 
(please list at least one for each priority)
What evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) shows progress towards your goals? 
2023-24 Budget Resource 
CCSPP doesn't fund the entirety of your Community School Goals. What additional budget supported the development of your community school?
Collaborative Leadership Holding family and student circles at the beginning of the year to help ground us in the work we were planning for the year, directly hearing from those we serve. Family and student feedback from circles and interactive bulletin boards,  Title I
Joyful Schools Grade level community building activity with teacher collaboration has been our highest attendend events and increase relationships of families with each other.  Sign in sheets, family surveys, CHKS data Other Donations
Student Engagement Student store and student jobs were implemented to support students with PBIS system and responsibility and financial literacy Student bank statements, student job applications, Sown to Grow, Attendance Data Other Donations
Family Engagement Wise Wednesdays has been our family education and empowerment series this year. Every 3rd wedneday of the month families were invited for a 45 minute workshop that was staff led based on grade level data or overall school data. Each PLC team hosted one wise wedneday this year and we supplemented with support staff to hold other months such as our SPED team, our ELL ambassador and our School Counselor Wise wednedays sign in sheets, slide decks, family survey, CHKS,  Other Donations
Academic Innovation & Acceleration Our TSA, librarian and teachers were able to create small groups that alternated their time in library so that classroom teachers could use the time to do math intervention, Targetered Tier 3 group for low readers who are multiple grade levels iReady Math scores, SBAC math scores, student's feedback, iReady Reading, SIPPS data and Open Literacy Measure G: Library
PRIORITIES 2024-2025
Strategic Actions
What strategic actions will your school implement to support your developing community school? 
(please list at least one for each priority)
What evidence (qualitative and/or quantitative) will you look for to know you are successful?
Collaborative Leadership Quarterly ILT and Culture and climate retreats that are grounded on data, help align and plan celebrations and resets for students and staff Sign in sheets, meeting agenda, student academic data, CHKS
Joyful Schools We are going to expand our fun fridays to be "building" fun fridays to now create community across grade levels  CHKS, Sign in sheets
Student Engagement Implementation of Toolbox schoolwide and alignment to student store and student jobs to create more buying from teachers and students. Student Attendance Celebrations  CHKS, Student Bank Balances, Toolkit pre and post survey, Sown to Grow, Attendance data
Family Engagement Family Engagement Series will be rolled out for Summer 2024 with family workshops via Zoom or in person that will help families get resources for a sucessful school year. Wise Wednesday version 2.0 with a focus on skills that are not just academic or student focus, such as resume workshops, housing rights, etc. Sign in sheets, volunteer lists, review of family engagement interactive bulletin boards
Academic Innovation & Acceleration We will be revamping our SST and in classroom interventions system to support teacher agency and student growth. We will be using data from OUSD force and SST meetings to support the work of our literacy and math tutors. Continue SIPPS Instruction and small group targeted support and progress monitoring. OUSD Salesforce, student tracker, iReady Math scores, SBAC math scores, student's feedback, iReady Reading, SIPPS data and Open Literacy