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School Site Council SSC

Are you looking to get involved and help make decisions on behalf of our school community or just want to be updated on all the things happening? Attend the School Site Council (SSC) meetings every month.

Why Is the School Site Council Important?

  • Provides school staff members, parents, community members, and students with a voice in maintaining and improving achievement.
  • Legally required group by California law.

What Does the School Site Council Do?

  • Oversees the annual budget of categorical funding for our school site
  • Reviews student academic data
  • Recommends school safety plan
  • Initiates and supports special projects at the school

How Do I Become a Member?

  • Attend SSC meetings regularly, as a member of the school community, to decide if you would like to become involved.
  • No experience is needed; we provide information to new members to learn about the different roles. 

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